ITCHIE® stops and prevents ITCH caused by Acne!
Soothes itchy and irritated skin, calms the inflammation and reduces redness.
Scored a 9,45 (scale 1-10) in a clinical test!

ITCH is an extremely unpleasant symptom of Acne, one of the most common skin diseases. ITCH caused by Acne is an annoying sensation that can lead to severe scratching. And by doing so, you can damage the skin. ITCH can drive Acne sufferers crazy.

ITCHIE® is a serum which stops and prevents ITCH caused by Acne.
ITCHIE® provides rapid ITCH-relief and is proven to be effective!
ITCHIE® soothes the itchy and irritated skin, calms the inflammation and reduces redness. 
ITCHIE® is therefore a COMPLETE product for Acne skin with multiple UNIQUE benefits.

COMPLETE product for Acne skin treatment with multiple UNIQUE benefits!

ITCHIE® creates an invisible layer on the skin which provides a direct cooling sensation, rapidly soothes the itching and irritated skin and effectively calms the inflammation. At the same time, the invisible layer acts as a barrier to protect the skin against irritating environmental influences.

ITCHIE® is proven to be skin friendly, dermatologically and clinically tested.

ITCHIE® is a CE certified (OTC) medical device. Read enclosed information leaflet before use.
Dermatologically and clinically Tested. Rewarded with a five-star***** guarantee by Dermatest®, EU!

5 Star Guarantee